Herb Tam is the Curator / Director of Exhibitions at the Museum of Chinese in America (New York). Previously he was the Associate Curator at Exit Art, where he recently co-curated and organized Alternative Histories, a 50-year survey of the history of alternative spaces in New York. He has worked with Guatemalan performance artist Regina Jose Galindo on a retrospective of her work in 2009, curated the painting exhibition New Mirrors: Painting in a Transparent World in 2009 and co-curated Summer Mixtape Volume 1 in 2008, an exhibition exploring the role of pop music in the work of emerging artists. Previously, he was the Acting Associate Curator at the Queens Museum of Art, New York, where he co-curated Queens International 2006: Everything All At Once, a biennial of Queens-based emerging artists, and coordinated an exhibition of the work of the influential former New York Parks Commissioner Robert Moses. As an independent curator, Mr. Tam organized A Jamaica, Queens Thing at the Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning in New York in 2007. The exhibition of historical ephemera and contemporary art explored the influence of the crack cocaine epidemic on the development of rap music in the early 1990s.


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  1. deena says:

    Dear Mr. Tam, the national TV/radio show Democracy Now with Amy Goodman is trying to reach you. Please email deena@democracynow.org Thanks

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