The Unsaid and Unseen

Coca-Cola filled to the rim of various glass vessels so that the black soda bulges at the top, seeming to solidify like a water-smoothed rock over time. Time kept by the counting of money – coins and paper – which is a video. A video of a sculpture, made from paper cups and taped to a wall, falling as if by accident. A car accident on Centre Street on a quiet night in a pale yellow Chevrolet El Camino. That same El Camino after a cross country trip being sold to a guy that really wanted it, but who didn’t know that it barely ran. The idea and shape of running.

No need to get more specific. The best paintings these days are elusive, like a roomful of Matisse’s. On a Sunday afternoon at MoMA, his paintings might be next level shit. On a Monday, I wouldn’t want them above my toilet. There is no such thing as good art, bad art, great art, mediocre art, offensive art, political art, beautiful art. There used to be these things.



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