What Warhol Meant

The Dallas Mavericks won the NBA Championship tonight, beating a collection of massive names with nearly flawless games. Any more words on the subject would devolve into cliche, but sometimes, cliches are the only possible descriptions. I’m happy that they won – maybe too happy. Would I be as happy if Obama won a second term, if the Communists in China gave way to democracy, if cancer was cured, if violence ended? Sports are meaningless, but can you really prove this? So is art, so is fashion, design, politics, war, famine, the environment, literature, music. Warhol proved it. And he was wrong. We all are, about everything.

Standards are unnecessary. Any judgment of quality is decadent. We can’t just acknowledge that everything is information; we need to digest it and live it.


One Comment on “What Warhol Meant”

  1. Great enlace and meaningful.

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