Management is the deception of entropy. People just want to go home and it’s understandable. What keeps them in front of their computer, attentive to their phone? To be mentally present in a meeting, three quarters of a person’s brain activity (as I understand it, a mix of chemical and electrical events) processes a colleague’s words, his/her facial and physical expressions, the reactions of others, and strategizes an appropriate response or non-response. The other quarter drifts towards the ceiling, out the door. Thoughts are like dust particles defying simple gravity, carried by their own weightlessness toward the fluorescent lights that everyone complains about.

Work isn’t exactly the right word for it. There’s not one right word…something like a piling on of activity to form a mountain high enough to see from other people’s offices. It’s an internal struggle, which is why all companies and organizations have identity problems. Red scissors in a pint glass, handle end up, punctuate a standard view from a desk. A red light blinks somewhere off in the periphery. An email says that someone is very sick and that a meeting would have to be postponed. Apologies. Another one comes in right behind it announcing a new art fair.

What are we selling? What’s our mission? Who is our public? Better yet, what lies beneath the floor our chairs are rolling on? We are united by this floor. It records our paths towards, away from, and around each other as we stumble upon the end of another workday.



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